• Sun exposure: We need about 15 minutes of our arms and legs exposed to the sun daily, during peak sunshine hours, without sunscreen, to produce adequate vitamin D levels. If you burn easily and shy away from the sun, or keep covered and wear sunscreen, we’re likely not getting enough vitamin D.
  • Nutrition: It is possible to get small amounts of vitamin D from fortified foods, including milk products. However, research shows that even people who consume the most amount of dairy (toddlers and seniors), are still not reaching adequate blood levels of Vitamin D. Food sources do not provide enough Vitamin D to be considered a viable source8.
  • Lab testing: We should be tested at least once each year to make sure we’re achieving adequate levels of vitamin D. The next time you’re having blood work done you should request vitamin D testing, as it’s not typically part of general annual screening.

WHOLE FOOD VITAMIN D provides the recommended daily dose of vitamin D from a Non-GMO, vegan source. WHOLE FOOD VITAMIN D is made from UV treatment of mushrooms7, creating an all-natural, vegan, real-food source of Vitamin D.



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