Learn More About Acne

Acne Vulgaris is the term used for outbreaks that can occur on the face, chest, and back and consist of cysts and pustules which are also known as common acne.

Acne is most often associated with hormonal fluctuations in both puberty and menopause but not limited to these times.

Other causes of acne:

  • Congested liver
  • Overburden kidneys
  • Constipation
  • Gut imbalance
  • The body’s response to chemicals in food/sugar and personal care
  • Environmental and physical stress

While cleaning up your diet and reducing your toxic load is the first step, there will always be toxins we can’t control and that’s why we must support our detox organs and make lifestyle changes.

Lifestyle changes include:

  • Obtain safe exposure to sunlight
  • Drink clean water, it helps with detox process
  • Maintain regular exercise
  • Address issues with stress
  • Maintain gut health
  • Cleanse the liver
  • Detox the colon
  • Address digestion issues
  • Maintain good sleep hygiene (get sleep and keep your pillow case clean)


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