Learn More About Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)

Restless legs syndrome is something that typically happens towards the end of the day or as we try to fall asleep. It’s an uncomfortable, uncontrollable urge to move or kick your legs that can lead to throbbing pain and the inability to fall asleep.

The sensations are felt deep within the leg, rather than on the skin surface.

Described as feeling:

  • Itchy
  • Achy
  • Throbbing
  • Electric

It’s also known as Willis-Ekbom disease, which can get worse as we age. The unfortunate result of this condition is lack of sleep which can interrupt your daily life. While there is no known cure, there are remedies and lifestyle changes that have been known to work for some people.

Lifestyle Changes:

  • Increase your water intake. When we are dehydrated our organs search for water where ever they can find it, which will include your muscles. Dehydrated muscles will ache with pain
  • Include calcium & magnesium before bed. Calcium and magnesium are also essential for our muscles to function. If we are not able to get enough of these nutrients from the diet, our bodies extract them from our bones to maintain homeostasis and allow our muscles to continue to contract and relax. The best way to understand how magnesium impacts the body is that it acts as our universal relaxer
  • Soaking in a warm bath with epsom salt. This will help your leg muscles relax. Alternately, a warm shower a gentle leg massage before bed
  • Some studies conclude there is a link between RLS and vitamin D, and iron deficiency


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