Dr. Hilary’s Tips for Healthy Ageing

  • Eat a diet rich in nutrient-rich foods, including healthy proteins, nuts, seeds, beans, dark leafy greens, and other brightly coloured vegetables.
  • Variety is key! Every food has a different profile of vitamins and minerals. The more variety we eat, the more likely we are to give our bodies everything it needs. Try to buy two veggies each week that you haven’t cooked with a while. The next time you buy beans, nuts, or grains try something new.
  • Focus on having healthy sources of fat, fibre and protein with every meal. When we plan our meals around these three key nutrients, it helps to prevent us from filling up on nutrient-poor foods.
  • Ask for a vitamin D blood test at least once per year. Low vitamin D puts at as risk for bone density loss, depression, and a weak immune system, but high levels of vitamin D in the body can be toxic. We get vitamin D from sun exposure, so lab testing to accurately adjust supplementation is important when we live in a cold climate.
  • Heal the gut! A healthy digestive system ensures that we’re able to absorb nutrients from food. If you are experiencing digestive upset, irregular bowel movements, heartburn or bloating, it may be an indication that your gut could benefit from additional support.

Epresat is designed to help prevent nutrient efficiencies and support healthy ageing in three of the most important areas of our health as we age: the immune system, vision care, and brain function.

Epresat contains vitamins A2, C3, D2, E4 and B65, which are essential for boosting the immune system to help us fight infection more effectively. Vitamins A, C and E are also effective for preventing and slowing the progression of vision loss from age-related macular degeneration and cataracts7.

Epresat contains key B vitamins that support healthy cognitive function and memory9-12. These B vitamins also support the production of the hormones that regulate sleep and balance mood, and boost energy by helping us convert food into fuel10.

Epresat is naturally flavoured with organic fruits and herbs. The liquid formulation is easy to digest and readily absorbed. It is lactosefree, vegetarian-friendly and made without preservatives, artificial flavours or colours.



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